What To Do In Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad means trinity in Spanish, referring to the holy trinity. It's an apt name as this stunning colonial town is usually the third stop on a tour of the Western end of Cuba, after Vinales and Havana. In many respects Trinidad, Cuba combines the best aspects of both cities, being culturally vibrant but less hectic than Havana, while surrounded by the sort of scenery that makes Vinales so memorable You'll find plenty of fun things to do in Trinidad, Cuba, so it's a must on any Cuba itinerary - it's like seeing a land preserved in time. Not much has changed since the 1950s, and the colourful buildings and classic cars make it a photographer's dream and a cultural paradise. When you're looking for fun things to do in Trinidad, Cuba, a walk around town is a great place to start. Trinidad is a visual feast, with some of the best-preserved architecture in Cuba, and it has a relaxed atmosphere which is appealing to those who want to stroll around and soak up Cuban culture. As a coastal city, it provides a great opportunity to visit the long beaches of dazzling white sand for which Cuba is famous. If you want to see imposing colonial churches, picturesque squares and pretty homes with furnishings from a bygone era, this World Heritage site is the place to do so. Trinidad, Cuba does get a lot of tourist footfall, but it feels significantly less claustrophobic than Havana due to the wide roads and lack of cruises ships (which are increasingly embarking at the Cuban capital). It’s worth noting that whatever time of year you go to Cuba at the moment, you should book in advance. This is not just some scare tactic dreamt up by the tour operators – the island is genuinely straining under a huge weight of tourism for which its infrastructure is not adequately prepared. In terms of weather, as long as you avoid the hurricane season, it’s much of the same. The Caribbean just splits into wet and dry seasons, but in reality, tourists are often surprised by the amount of rain there, though usually in the form of short, sharp showers which come and go. If you are tempted by the lower prices of off season (June to November), do bear in mind that Cuba has been hit by some devastating hurricanes in the past. Indeed in 1992, the main railway bridge that connected Trinidad to other parts of Cuba was destroyed by a hurricane. Going between December and March is the most pleasant time of year as the air will be less humid. Another consideration is festivals and special events. The Semana de la Cultura Trinitaria (Trinidad Culture Week) in January, the Festival Internacional Boleros de Oro and the Fiestas Sanjuaneras in June, and Moncada Day in July could all make good focal points for your trip, though you’ll have to weigh up the chances of worse weather for the summer festivals. How to Get To Trinidad Havana to Trinidad takes about 4 hours by car, but it is well worth the trip. You can also make the Havana to Trinidad journey by collectivo (shared taxi/car) or by bus with Viazul bus lines.Top Things to Do in Trinidad, Cuba Trinidad is truly a destination for all ages. If you’re taking a family holiday and wondering what to do in Trinidad, Cuba with the kids, there are plenty of activities on the beaches in Trinidad, Cuba. Enjoy the Warm Waters Trinidad, Cuba beaches are bound to be a good time for anyone. You can easily spend the day at the nearby Playa Ancon, with shallow, placid waters which will make it seem as though your bathtub has been transported to the tropics. You can lie back on shaded deck chairs while being served drinks from the beach bar, and a coconut vendor is also on hand.