Trip To Lokrum Island Near Dubrovnik

Off the jagged coast of Dubrovnik, the island of Lokrum stands sentinel looking out over the Adriatic Sea. Providing additional protection to the natural harbour and thick Old Town walls, this garden island is home to no permanent citizens - unless you count the peacocks.If you spend any time in Dubrovnik, you may wonder about visiting Lokrum Island, Croatia: what's out there? What can you do on a day trip? Is there really a nude beach? Unless you have your own boat or kayak, there's only one way to visit Lokrum Island: by ferry from Dubrovnik to Lokrum. The ferries leave throughout the day on a set schedule. These official ferries have permission to run from the main pier in the harbour to the only pier on Lokrum Island and are by far the easiest way to get to and from the island. The ferry to Lokrum Island takes 10 mins and leaves on the hour from Dubrovnik Old Town pier. The last ferry back to Dubrovnik is at 4 pm.No cars are permitted on Lokrum, so you should be prepared to walk everywhere. The island isn't big (1.5 miles long), but it can have uneven terrain. Wear a pair of reasonable walking shoes, and be sure to bring water if it's a hot day.As an island, you might think there are limited options for entertainment, but it’s actually huge and has many interesting sights and activities you can enjoy. The entire island has maps along all of the walking routes, so you can choose what to see and do.One of the most popular spots for visitors to Lokrum Island is the small, shallow salt lake located near the center of the island. This highly saline lake won’t make you quite as buoyant as the Dead Sea in Israel/Jordan, but it’s still a fun experience.As mentioned above, there is a nude beach on the southern coast of the island; if you’re not up for that, I’d recommend taking a dip on the eastern side of the island. There are some easy access points to jump in the water (and ladders to help you climb out), and you can enjoy some sun or shade depending on the time of day.In the center of the island, you can explore the ruins of a 12th/13th-century basilica and 15th-century monastery. These ruins (some of which date back as far as 1023 AD) are under restoration efforts currently, but if they’re open, you can spend some time learning about the history of the island and those who have lived there.Located on the highest point of the island, Fort Royal is a former French garrison which looks out over all of Lokrum and has great views of Dubrovnik too. It’s a gentle slope but moderate difficulty hike from sea level to the top, but the views (and the small sea breeze that you can feel) makes it worth it.Lokrum is home to a beautiful botanical garden and many peacocks because the island was once the holiday home of Archduke Maximilian Ferdinand of Habsburg. You can explore these areas of the island to get a sense of why royalty would want to spend their holidays here too.Since Lokrum has no permanent residents, there aren’t a ton of amenities on the island, but you can enjoy lunch at a few restaurants. Most offer both ala carte and prix fixe menus and you can watch rabbits, peahens, and baby peacocks sneak between the tables looking for crumbs in the outdoor cafe.