Seminyak Bali travel guide

Seminyak is a great place to travel to Bali. The area is extremely popular with travellers and people that love adventure. As always, you can spend much longer in a place than what you need. However, due to time and budget constraints, it's not always easy to do so! Here's our Seminyak Bali travel guide and I hope that you find it useful.First off in my Seminyak Bali travel guide is Seminyak beach! Seminyak is a beach holiday that needs no introduction. Seminyak is one of Bali's hot spots for beach clubs, luxury resorts, shopping and restaurants.One of my favourite things to do in the world, never mind Bali, is to visit the beach! I am obsessed with the sun, sand and sea. Seminyak beach is a beach paradise, golden sand and turquoise blue water greet you as you first arrive. The best thing about Seminyak is because the beach is more significant than Kuta, it never feels as crowded! As mentioned in a previous blog post, surfing is one of my favourite activities to do, especially in Bali! The surfing opportunities in Seminyak are pretty good, although it can be a little inconsistent. Relatively less crowded than Kuta and Legian, Seminyak beach has moderately high waves, making it an excellent choice for first-time surfers and intermediates.If you're not really a surfer but would prefer just to relax on the beach, then you rent a sun lounger. There are a vast number of stalls here that will happily sell you some ice-cold beer to enjoy!Unlike some other places in Bali, like my beloved Uluwatu, Seminyak offers an unreal nightlife experience. If you want to have an absolute mad night, then you won’t be disappointed! Beach parties, shots and party games will fill your night with fun and laughter; and your morning with a massive hangover.Like most places in Southeast Asia, as soon as you find one bar, you find them all. And most are pretty much similar to all the others in Seminyak. Not that this is a bad thing! Bali Joe is a famous club in Seminyak with locals and travellers. Although the club is a dedicated LGBT nightclub, don’t let this put you off if you’re not part of the community. The place is inclusive and lots of fun! Although it isn’t the go-to place in Southeast Asia or even Bali to dive, Seminyak does offer some great sites out to sea! Although there are no real diving spots in Seminyak, there is a range of dive spots to explore just a short boat ride away. That being said, diving in the area will give you the chance to see some amazing marine life. The corals are colourful and vibrant, and if you’re lucky you may just get to see some sea turtles and huge manta rays!As someone who has got into coffee over the last couple of years, finding a lovely quaint coffee shop was great fun! Locals and visitors alike will tell you that the best place to get a coffee in Seminyak is at Revolver.The coffee shop may be small, but it offers such a great atmosphere and vibes throughout its walls. During your coffee, you will notice the wide variety of different coffee-based drinks as well as a difference of bean blends. The cafe also has a great character about it; particularly, as it is styled to resemble a saloon in the days of the Wild West. If you did arrive here at breakfast or lunch, then they serve some delicious food!