Out of Berlin into the nature: Peene River

Adventure holidays in Europe?Ha!In Germany!We can confirm:just a longer weekend trip out of Berlin can be wild,beautiful and lonesome.It was truly surprising!Since we also work sometimes and have here and there some duties-lately we couldn't leave Berlin for longer time,so we tried to get best out of it and use any free day.And because May is a month of long weekends in Germany we had 4 full days to travel.We know quite well all the lakes north of Berlin and this time decided to go further: crossing Brandenburg and getting to Mecklemburg!There is a long valley of Peene River.Nobody from our friends has been there,nothing to be read about it in Lonely Planet,not much online-we took it a good sign!Driving through the fields of rapeseed,you really get into the freedom mode. Juicy yellow,intense blue sky,strong sun and a nice wind in your hair.Don't ask how many times we have stopped, First serious stop was at the Kummerower Lake,where the Peene River starts.The first fresh fish in the restaurant.The first meanders of the river.
We decided to stay for a night in an old, beautiful mansion from 1850,the residence of the lord of the manor is situated just next to the ruins of a monastery.Walking during the sunset and the sunrise at this big space,touching those old walls and listening to some whispers of the history-was a great time.Nowadays the place is just a very good hotel with a very good restaurant.You can also organize any meeting in there:weddings or conferences.In the old horse stable!Or just next to the Stolpe Abbey(Kloster Stolpe)from 1153,the oldest monastery in Pomerania.
Our next idea was a night at the raft. Have you ever done it? Neither have we, so was about the time to try! In Loitz we rent a raft, such a comfy one: with a roof, doors and a cooker. What an amazing feeling! To cross the valley, watching everything from the water perspective. There are almost no roads touching the Peene river, since it’s the largest contiguous fen region of Europe.The boat (or a raft) it’s a perfect solution to see it from “inside” We had our mattresses and sleeping bags with us, a box full of food, few books and the cameras. One of us was steering, the other one was sitting with the girls on the front, watching… the beavers. Here and there, crossing our way or swimming just next to the raft. How exciting!We also had a kayak with us, to get into little parts of the river, being also much more silent.We were just not the most lucky with the weather: hunting the moments of the sun and slightly freezing at night (so we had to hug a lot!).
The kayak let us discover more and even… pay less!While paddling we crossed some gate and found ourselves in Demmin Hanseviertel,a very cool museum of the region.One can learn a lot there (about the birds, houses, farming in the past), kids can play with things made of clay or learn how to make a basket and the warm soup, during a cold day on the water, tastes amazing!There are two entrances to the museum: one from the side of the town and road, and another one–where you pay much less!–from the water side,where you can come in only on the boat.