Italy is a country of dreams. With one of the richest cultures and heritages in the world, the nation has been the epicentre of the Holy Roman Empire for millenniums and is home to some of the world's oldest architecture, all which tell the tale of the ancient European state. But it's not just history in Italy; the country is also home to beautiful beaches, spectacular alpine scenery and mesmerizingly beautiful countryside. And of course, Italian food cannot be forgotten; Italy is home to pizza, pasta, risotto and numerous other dishes. The sights in Italy will take your breath away, but the country is tantalizing in every other sense as well. In a country as rich and diverse as Italy, one can easily be confused about where to start planning your Italy travels from! Here are just some of the amazing places to consider for your Italy vacations.Rome, the capital of Italy has been one of the most significant European cities for the last two millenniums, and it's legends and stories can be felt just by walking the streets. Whether you're soaking up the history of the Trevi Fountain or marvelling at the Colosseum, visiting Rome is an overwhelmingly sensory experience to be relished.If you are done with ancient history, check out some of the art galleries that the city is famous for, which range from the historic Basilica of Our Lady to the much more contemporary Macro on Via Nizza, which showcases some of Italy's best modern art.There is something for everyone in Rome, and exploring its most famous sites will give you a greater understanding of not just the individual city or country, but the whole world.Check out and book Rome tours in advance.Vatican City is officially the world’s smallest country by both size and population but feels very much just part of Rome. The Vatican City has been an independent country since 1929, but has been the home of the Pope since the 14th century and is the global epicentre of Catholicism. Architecture fans will be delighted at some of the oldest, largest and most intricate Catholic buildings in the world, and religious folk especially will find the links to deities unique and captivating. From entering the country by Saint Peter’s Square, you will be surrounded with some of the most distinguishably beautiful and ancient architecture in the entirety of Italy – and perhaps the world!The iconic Saint Peter’s Basilica contains Michelangelo’s famous Pieta and the ornately decorated Sistine Chapel. Underneath are the remains of a 4th-century church and St Peter’s Tomb. Visiting the Vatican City is an experience like no other, and the history and cultural significance of the country within Rome makes it a must-visit on your Italian bucket list.e jewel in the Adriatic’s crown, the city of Venice has been sparkling for centuries, and its allure can easily be felt through a trip here. The north-eastern Italian city is a place absolutely bursting with history; the city has rigidly strict rules about the preservation of its canals and historic buildings, meaning that you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to an era long forgotten.Any architecture fans will be in their element in Venice; it is the home of 14th-century Venetian Gothic architecture – a Gothic building looming from the waters of a canal is a common sight of the city. Venetian masks are another thing that the Italian city is famous for, and there is a certain glitz and glamour to going into one of the mask stores and seeing some of local artists’ finest – or even purchasing one of your own. In fact, you can take some tours to learn all about mask-making in Venice too.And of course, any trip to Venice wouldn’t be complete from its most unique angle – the water. Take a trip on a gondola or one of the other boats and watch the breathtakingly beautiful city go by at its relaxed pace. The globally renowned and unique city of Venice has the distinctly Italian air and is without a doubt one of the must-visit places in the European country. If you have time, head over to Lake Garda while you are in the region or visit some Prosecco vineyards!