St. Vincent Pays Homage to Inspiring Artists on New Song ‘The Melting of the Sun’

It’s the second single from Annie Clark’s upcoming Daddy’s Home LP St. Vincent has released new song “The Melting of the Sun,” along with an accompanying animated lyric video. The track appears on Daddy’s Home, which arrives on May 14th via Loma Vista Recordings. On the new single, which St. Vincent (real name Annie Clark) … Read moreSt. Vincent Pays Homage to Inspiring Artists on New Song ‘The Melting of the Sun’

BTS Contemplate Time and the Cosmos in ‘Film Out’ Music Video

Song will appear on Japanese-language compilation BTS, the Best BTS have released the music video for “Film Out,” taken from the South Korean group’s upcoming Japanese-language album BTS, the Best. The clip depicts all seven BTS members dressed in white inside a house in the sky, reflecting on their memories with each other. Jin notices … Read moreBTS Contemplate Time and the Cosmos in ‘Film Out’ Music Video

Journey Members Reach ‘Amicable Settlement’ in Battle Over Band Name

Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain reach agreement with former members Ross Valory and Steve Smith following alleged “ill-conceived” coup attempt Journey has reached an “amicable settlement” with a pair of former members that were previously accused of plotting an “ill-conceived” attempt to take over the band’s name. In March 2020, Journey’s Neal Schon and Jonathan … Read moreJourney Members Reach ‘Amicable Settlement’ in Battle Over Band Name

Dead and Company Set 2022 Playing in the Sand Concerts in Mexico

Jam supergroup returns to Riviera Cancun for fourth annual concert vacation Dead & Company will return to the Riviera Cancun, Mexico, in January 2022 for their fourth Playing in the Sand concert vacation, a three-day residency where the all-star jam band performs from a stage just feet from the Caribbean Sea. After holding the first … Read moreDead and Company Set 2022 Playing in the Sand Concerts in Mexico

Best Destinations for hiking in Asia

There's no doubt about it, Asia is a hiking paradise. From the Karen Hill tribe treks of Northern Thailand to the endurance challenge of Everest base camp, there is something from everyone. Pack your hiking boots and head off to one of the top continents for hiking opportunities. Welcome to Asia!Kathmandu Valley provides an opportunity to enjoy hiking and to take in terrific mountain vistas, the iconic view of rural Nepali villages. Kathmandu Valley is the most popular among the hikers to enjoy the short hikes. It also allows you to explore the culture and lifestyle of the people those who are living surrounding this splendid Kathmandu Valley. It contains many hiking sports in which many spots easily accessible within one or two hours. If you want to enjoy the whole beauty of the... Read moreBest Destinations for hiking in Asia

Best of Scotland

Scotland has become a popular tourist destination in the past year, partly thanks to crowning it the most beautiful country. However, when people travel to Scotland, most recommendations are to head to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Skye and Glen Coe, all of which are overcrowded with tourists (and rightfully so). This means a lot of people are missing out a lot of overlooked destinations. Guest author Scotland has been travelling around Scotland for over 26 years, first as a kid with his parents touring in a caravan, then as an adult with an obsession for climbing Scotland's Munros. Here is a... Read moreBest of Scotland

Caye Caulker - Nearby "La Isla Bonita"

Belize - a tiny country with more than 400 cayes.Some when hearing Belize - think nothing. And all the others - connect this country with the Belize Barrier Reef, 300 kilometres long section of the 900 kilometres long Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, which is continuous from Cancun on the northeast tip of the Yucatan Peninsula through the Riviera Maya up to Honduras making it one of the largest coral reef systems in the world, just after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.The Belizian part of the reef includes 450 islets and islands known locally as cayes (read like "keys"). Small, low-elevation, sandy island formed on the surface of a coral reef. Those which you have in mind when you imagine paradise and stuff like that. On of the most impressive places is the so called Great Blue... Read moreCaye Caulker - Nearby "La Isla Bonita"

Cool those cenotes

So how many degrees do you have in Europe right now? Don't you also feel like jumping to the blue eye of underwater cenote?Cenotes are a natural sinkholes in the limestone, characteristic for all the Yucatan Peninsula. Lovely places of a fresh, blue water, sometimes totally under the ground, sometimes partly open. Cenote water is often very clear, as the water comes from rain water infiltrating slowly through the ground. Perfect place for a fast refreshment in between ruins and monkeys.Yucatan has 2400 registered cenotes but it's said there could be even 6000. Cosy cave with a water, just 4 of us, stalactites and stalagmites, a bit of sunbeams from up. Beautiful!No questions that cenotes played an important role in Maya rites (as gates to the afterlife). And additionally they were the... Read moreCool those cenotes


As I recall the moment I stepped into the Schönbrunn Palace in the Imperial City of Vienna, I remember the feeling of grandeur that swept over me. Although I had seen the Palace a few times, I had never actually got the opportunity to enter the rooms and see for myself how the Habsburg Royals lived until about 200 years ago. Majestic rooms, exquisite chandeliers, valuable art - all as breathtaking as expected and more. But what intrigued me the most and has kept me engrossed in thoughts all these days are the stories. Stories behind the fancy rooms and furniture, the books and the jewels,... Read moreEXPLORING CLASSIC VIENNA


Italy is a country of dreams. With one of the richest cultures and heritages in the world, the nation has been the epicentre of the Holy Roman Empire for millenniums and is home to some of the world's oldest architecture, all which tell the tale of the ancient European state. But it's not just history in Italy; the country is also home to beautiful beaches, spectacular alpine scenery and... Read moreITALY WONDERS

Little cosmos:Orakei Korako,Geyserland

Gushing geysers,hot springs,bubbling mud pools and some some crazy colourful silica terraces!Add to this questions of your kids: – And what is this? And what does it do? And how does it work? – and you will have an interesting day in cosmos!Even if 3/4 of the original site lies under the water,because of the dam on the Lake Ohakuri,the rest 1/4 is simply crazy.Walking through this geothermal park and boiling hot springs,between vibrant,unnatural (but so natural) colours,makes an impression.And even the fact that it's not crowded at all is an advantage!You can calmly discover every corner and read the explanations (very needed,especially when your kids are asking about everything).The area is constantly changing, due to 23 active geysers,playing freely around.Orakei Korako means The... Read moreLittle cosmos:Orakei Korako,Geyserland

Miracles on Tanna Island

There is one must-see place in the country of Vanuatu.If the tourist visit the country - he has to go there.Yasur-an active volcano on the Tanna island.But Tanna is few hundreds kilometres away from Efate,the main island,and you need to take plane to get there.1 hour flight expensive as a hell,usually in a day package:flying,visiting the volcano and coming back.We really wanted to go there but tickets for 4 of us (just tiny discounts for the kids)and the fact that we will be on such an interesting (the most far away) island of such an interesting country just for few hours - made us decide... Read moreMiracles on Tanna Island

Out of Berlin into the nature: Peene River

Adventure holidays in Europe?Ha!In Germany!We can confirm:just a longer weekend trip out of Berlin can be wild,beautiful and lonesome.It was truly surprising!Since we also work sometimes and have here and there some duties-lately we couldn't leave Berlin for longer time,so we tried to get best out of it and use any free day.And because May is a month of long weekends in Germany we had 4 full days to travel.We know quite well all the lakes north of Berlin and this time decided to go further: crossing Brandenburg and getting to Mecklemburg!There is a long valley of Peene River.Nobody from our friends has been there,nothing to be read about it in Lonely Planet,not much online-we took it a good sign!Driving through the fields of rapeseed,you really get into the freedom mode. Juicy yellow,intense blue sky,strong sun and a nice wind in your hair.Don't ask how many times we have stopped, First serious stop was at the Kummerower Lake,where the Peene River starts.The first fresh fish in the... Read moreOut of Berlin into the nature: Peene River

Seminyak Bali travel guide

Seminyak is a great place to travel to Bali. The area is extremely popular with travellers and people that love adventure. As always, you can spend much longer in a place than what you need. However, due to time and budget constraints, it's not always easy to do so! Here's our Seminyak Bali travel guide and I hope that you find it useful.First off in my Seminyak Bali travel guide is Seminyak beach! Seminyak is a beach holiday that needs no introduction. Seminyak is one of Bali's hot spots for beach clubs, luxury resorts, shopping and restaurants.One of my favourite things to do in the world, never mind Bali, is to visit the beach! I am obsessed with the sun, sand and sea. Seminyak beach is a beach paradise, golden sand and turquoise blue water greet you as you first arrive. The best thing... Read moreSeminyak Bali travel guide

Waterfall before the sunset

The Chilasco falls are certainly Guatemalans must-see but we underestimated the way and after hours of running in the mud we managed to see the falls see only from the distance. But was still worth it and better than staying for a night in the jungle!There are many undiscovered places in the region Baja Verapaz in Guatemala and hardly any guidebooks talk about the "Salto de Chilasco". Those who do talk - tell that it is the highest waterfall in the whole Central America. In fact even Thousand Foot Falls in Belize is for sure much taller but still 133 meters of water in Guatemala make an impression.Especially if getting there took a lot of our time, energy and sweat. It is just few kilometers to walk from the village but what a kilometers! Very steep path, with mud until the knees, where... Read moreWaterfall before the sunset